Research Paper: New Best Practices for Diversity in Youth Collections

A sad tale’s best for winter: I have one

of sprites and goblins”

The Winter’s Tale, II.i

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But like Walt Whitman, I contain multitudes. I took a class on Collection Development, which is a fancy term for “libraries picking which books and whatnot to offer”. It was fascinating. And it’s something I already have some input on in my own part-time library job. Which means you may find me wandering the Young Adult section of a suburban California library, stroking the spines of books and drunk on power. Or you can check out the fascinating information I researched about really ghastly trends of homogeneity in publishing and librarianship. Basically, books are mostly being written and selected by straight, white, able-bodied people And we need to all do better in educating ourselves, identifying our own biases, and calling for books from authors that are not like us, who tell tales of people who are not like us. And that all starts with the youths. Take a peek.