Me, on a typical evening of writing. More fun than it looks.

Me, on a typical evening of writing. More fun than it looks.


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Hey, dear reader!  I'm Deidre. Spring of 2015 I walked away from an unfulfilling career to focus on raising my kids.  I also decided to get back on an old love: writing.  After writing on a daily basis for years in a business capacity, I needed to focus on rediscovering my creative voice.  In an attempt to hold myself accountable to that goal, I knew I needed a set project, with a topic and deadline, to get the juices flowing.  I turned to my other longtime love for inspiration, and thus was born my project to read Shakespeare's canon and relate it to my 21st century life.  You can read more about that under The Rules and The Works.  As of Fall 2017 I started to piece together a potential new career through volunteer service and open university courses...and in 2018 I officially began working on my Masters of Library and Information Sciences and stared working in a public library.


  • Libraries have long been my happy places, in any form (cavernous academic libraries, run-down small public branches in need of a re-haul, beautiful urban facilities that house centuries-old materials, even the Little Free Library corner at my local Trader Joe's grocery)

  • Music is what keeps me going, but my taste definitely shows that I was born the wrong time. Currently streaming artists such as: Charles Bradley, Otis Redding, Chris Stapleton, Carole King, Leon Bridges, Lord Huron, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, JD McPherson...

  • I have a deep affection and respect for actor John Goodman ("Smokey, my friend, you are entering a world of pain"), but I refuse to watch The Conners

  • I'm originally from the South, but I've lived in a strange and wide variety of places. Currently settled in Northern California. This gives me the magical ability to toggle from Carolina girl to standard Western accent at the drop of a hat ("y'all" and "hella" are both in my lexicon)

  • Aquarius. Older-skewed Millennial. Loud and proud UCLA alumna. Amateur yogi. Master of my kitchen

  • I adore TV far more than a should. You'll find Better Call Saul, Younger, Last Night with John Oliver, and a crazy variety of PBS specials on my TiVo. The Haunting of Hill House slayed me

  • I have an irrational fear of my car being submerged in water

  • I'm a podcast junkie and listen mostly while running boring errands. No Holds Bard (naturally), Serial, and CodeSwitch are some faves