Literature Review: Shakespearean Online Community


"Our court shall be a little academe,

Still and contemplative in living art"

--Love's Labour's Lost, 1.1

This section of my website is where I'll post certain research projects I'm working on for my Masters in Library and Information Science degree. While these are assignments I have created for classes; they are not published academic works. If you want to chat about this information or have questions regarding my courses, feel free to contact me at or DM me on Twitter @dreadpiratemama.

So what is a "literature review"? At the graduate/doctorate level, it's a summation of academic literature on a specific topic of interest. Think of it as a precursor to a full-on research project: a decent lit review will point out what's been studied on the topic so far, and shows where that research could/should be headed based on what's missing. For one class, we've spent the entire semester examining any "information community" of our choosing -- that is, any community of people who distribute/seek out information on a shared interest. I opted to explore the online community of people interested in Shakespeare, naturally.

Without further ado, a humble lit review. Anyone looking to cite or reproduce this information must inquire with me first.